Saturday, December 6, 2008


Hi, I've been busy all week.......playing a ukulele! Someone lent me his and he's not getting it back. I absofruitly love it! It's such an awesome instrument! It's super easy to learn because you can have small hands and still play every chord you need (unlike the guitar)! I've been playing these 2 songs over and over again:

Check out both of  Jacob Borshard and Oh Foot's music. Jacob writes and plays lovely music with his ukulele. He has all of his music free to download on his website! I've bought all three of his albums from him for $5 each and he personalizes each one! His lyrics are funny, sweet, and loving. As for Oh Foot, I don't listen to much of their music, but their 'What is Love' cover is just amazingly! I've never heard a cover this interesting and wayyyyyy better than the original rape-your-ear version.

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