Saturday, December 20, 2008


I was bored yesterday so I watched four movies:

1. Welcome to the Quiet Room: I loved it. It's about a writer who is put into a psychiatric hospital after an accidental overdose which is mistaken for a suicide attempt. It's quirky and funny but sad at the same time. Why does Japan make such amazing movies?

2. House: My reaction to this film is WTF?!?!? This was a really really strange, cheesy, wtf, weird movie. The only person I recommend this to is Kevin Ho. Why does Japan make such fucked up movies?

3. Buffalo '66: I thank my friend Danielle for recommending this to me. I really liked it! There's this one scene that I love from the movie where one of the characters starts dancing off in the side. I wish I had a moment like that. It's a really funny film and I definitely recommend it.

4. Iron Man: Haha, what a badass movie. But when I watched it, I think my expectations for it were too high cause everyone hyped it up for me. But still, it was a kickass movie. I wish I had that suit...

Anyways.... I'm drowning in phlegm. gah

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Danielle said...

im so glad you liked it, that part was my favorite
i downloaded the song too
it was moonchild by king crimson
its my favorite love story of all time