Thursday, July 2, 2009

this is not my future, it is his

i want to take a 'lethal dose' of 'polonium 210'
and be immune to it.
i would have dodged a 'slow and inevitable death'.
that would be 'pretty cool'.
scientists would want to do tests of me.
but i would not give in.
the scientists would say 'if you let us do tests on you,
you would help advance society and everyone
would be immune to poisonous things. plus,
we will give you lots of money.'
i would say 'no, i dont want your money.
the only way i would let you do tests on me
is if you figure out a way to make my nails stop growing
because i don't like cutting them. it is such a hassle.
i also dont like it when people cut my nails for me
because i have the fear that they will mess up
and cut too deep and cause me great pain.'

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