Sunday, February 8, 2009

there are puddles everywhere outside. everything's wet and muddy. the snow is melting. yay/ew.

anyways, i got my first acceptance letter from a college on friday. it was from Rutgers. I didn't get that OMG I WAS ACCEPTED YAYYYYYYYY feeling. dunno why.
so I have 3 more colleges left to hear from. I dunno which one I will choose. they all have their pros.
Rutgers - many of my friends already attend there
SUNY Purchase - geared towards the arts and closest to the city
TCNJ - #6 on the Princeton Review's '10 Colleges with the Happiest Students' :D
SUNY Binghamton - probably the hardest school to get into for me
all are state universities, so yeah.

anyways, i'm writing this in the library, where I'm working. libraries are awesome. people should go there more often. the only people i see that come here are mothers and old white people. burr.


Karimi said...

Thanks! And congrats to getting into Rutgers! I'm sure you'll get into all of the other colleges too. (:

Matt said...

Hope you get into all of them Frank!