Friday, November 28, 2008


Hello there. I shot a video today:

Interesting thing about the composer of this piece, Alexander Scriabin. He had synesthesia, which is "a condition wherein one experiences sensation in one sense in response to stimulus in another". Which means, in his case, music and color were very closely related. To him, each tone in music had a certain color to it. This picture shows what he thought each notes' color was. He actually invented an instrument called the clavier à lumières (color organ). When he played it, a color would be projected onto a screen. So yeah.... you learned something awesome today.

Also, I have another piano performance video posted more than an year ago:

One of Claude Debussy's famous pieces. I love Debussy. I might 
re-record this sometime in the future.

And Thanksgiving....... this year my parents decided not to have a grand dinner with 
family friends this year to save money. So basically I stayed at home till 4 and worked 
at a restaurant till 8. Then my family and I watched King of California. Great movie, I 
recommend it.

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